About i.should.b

Life can be pretty tough right?


School, friends, work, parenting, life admin, keeping healthy...

Man, there's always so MUCH to do.

i.should.b is right there with you - all the way.

Always here to remind you to CELEBRATE your awesomeness and keep BELIEVING in your soul.

We create bold, badass & beautiful bits especially for YOU, because you're a wonderful human. And every day, without necessarily realising it - you are ROCKING IT.

And if things become a bit of a struggle - let these colourful designs give you that extra little boost when you need it the most.


All our garments are 100% luxury organic cotton and are produced with strict, forward-thinking ecological and ethical standards as highest priority.

Wearing them feels like having a cuddle. A hug, from me to you.

£3 of each sweatshirt sale, £1 of each print / t-shirt/tote bag sale and 20p of each enamel pin sale goes to www.bulliesout.com to help support the on-going amazing work that they do within schools and youth-settings as well as with victims of bullying.